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Tallulah Photography & The World People Project

Project Spotlight: Tallulah Photography & World People Project
Client: Tallulah Photography
Projects: Web Design, Project Blog and Sparkly Glitter Business Cards

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Tallulah Photography, an internationally renowned photojournalist with a unique approach to capturing stories through her lens. This case study highlights our successful partnership in creating an immersive online experience for Tallulah’s captivating work.

The Client: Tallulah Photography is an accomplished artist who seamlessly blends photography with various creative visual art projects. With a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail, Tallulah’s portfolio encompasses not only stunning imagery but compelling narratives that delve into the lives and cultures of people that she encounters during her global adventures.

The Objective: Our key objectives on this project was to create a website showcasing Tallulah’s World Journeys and enhance the organization of her galleries to showcase her work, to build a blog for her World People Project and provide her with unique looking business cards that captivates her artistic identity. .

1. Tallulah Photography Website: To create an intuitive user experience, we organized Tallulah’s galleries into categories that her visitors can view her world journeys, ensuring seamless navigation and easy access to her diverse body of work. By categorizing the photographs based on themes, locations, and subjects, we allowed visitors to explore her portfolio effortlessly and immerse themselves in the visual storytelling journey.

2. The World People Project Website: As part of Tallulah’s mission to showcase interviews from the interesting lives of people she encounters during her travels, we developed a dedicated blog site for the World People Project. This platform serves as a space for shedding light on the remarkable stories and interviews that emerged from her interactions with individuals across the globe. To share and increase awareness of these interviews, we setup an e-Blast for her to share with her subscribers when  there’s a new interview.

3. The Glitter Business Cards: Tallulah’s eclectic style served as the guide of inspiration for this project. Drawing from her love for vibrant colors and shining personality, we aimed to design business cards that would not only convey her artistic vision but also reflect the attention and curiosity of those who received them. The glittery business cards became a great conversation starter.

The Conclusion: Having the opportunity to work on these projects was a rewarding experience, as we were able to combine our design expertise. The websites not only showcases her artistic prowess but also creates an emotional connection between the audience and the stories she captures through her lens. Proud to have played a role in elevating Tallulah Photography’s online presence, I look forward to do more collaborative ventures that bring creativity and inspiration to life.

Wai is very talented and a joy to work with!

~ Tallulah Photography

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