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Meet Wai Akdogu

The creator behind WYV Designs and Founder of Spreading Luv Marketing Design Company.

Wai brings you 15 years plus of experience in the web + print marketing design. Her education brings a combination of three schools of thought: Fine Arts, Engineering Design and Digital Arts & Media Design. Collaboratively, the 3 schools brings elements to intuitively apply UX/UI integration for ease of navigating through each project.

Spreading Luv with 3 Schools of Thought

Fine Arts

The fundamentals of Fine Arts is the foundation of creativity to the design, adding form and function while the theory of colour and lighting applies emotion to the end-users experience. Creativity to think out-side of the box.

Engineering Design

The fundamental of Engineering Design brings the analytical logic, drafting and dimensional proportions to any project. Whether it is a virtual or tactile project, the interface is clean and intuitive. Analytically defining boundaries and guidelines.

Digital Arts & Media

The fundamentals of Digital Arts & Media is a spectrum of digital technical mediums, that is needed to communicate to your target market. In today’s market, you need an online presence to succeed in this technological world.

The 3 schools of thought, provide skills and abilities to assist with any marketing design needs. Wai is dedicated to helping you deliver your message through strategic designs. Wai offers a spectrum of creativity and technical expertise to any project.

When there is a will, there is Wai!

~ Fananak DaCosta

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