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Tala Clothing & the African Store

Tala Clothing & the African Store - Logo
Tala Clothing & the African Store - Store Sale Signage

There’s a saying in Africa: ‘Success comes with a helping hand’, to achieve your dreams you need someone that believes in your dreams with no doubt that you can do it. Because we create our world by the words we speak.

I was happy my creations did not start with me but were created through Wai. I told Wai I wanted to start a retail business and she asked me if I had an idea for a logo. I described what I had envisioned. She took a piece of paper and started to doodle. A few moments later, it was exactly what I had asked for. It was only a sketch but it was so beautiful. What Wai didn’t know then, was she brought my dream into reality, she built the beginning of it all. That day I saw my future filled with so many great possibilities.

With Wai, it was communication, she is good at what she does, and she does not stop there… she cares, is patient, and is passionate till the end. Wai used her retail experience to help me set up my store and made my marketing simple and fun. Because she believed in me and believed in my success. Now, I see my strength to succeed and thrive through her dedication and love…

Tala B.

Store Owner, Tala Clothing & the African Store

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