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Impressions are made even before they meet your business or learn what you have to offer them. WYV Designs firmly believes that marketing design is a powerful tool that influences and creates impressions on people’s perception. With the right marketing design tools you can brand, develop, and shape the culture. What you put out to the Universe, is what you get in return. It only takes seconds for someone to make their first impression – make yours a lasting one. Our mission is to help heart-centred businesses align their true brand and stand out from this noisy world.

Let’s make a difference one design at a time!

If you are a heart-centred business owner and share the same values – we would love to work with you.

Together we can bring your vision to life by data-driven strategies and utilizing modern-day technology to get your message out to the world!

Schedule a discovery call and let’s start discussing design ideas that can help you and your business thrive in today’s modern world. Together we can make a difference one design at a time!  Book your session now!

When there is a will, there is Wai!

Meet Wai,

the Creative Design Strategist behind WYV Designs. Inspired by heart-centered people with purpose, Wai’s goal is to help business owners with heart-centered purpose and spread their message to the world by branding and storytelling with design.

With over 15 years of design experience and expertise in fine arts, engineering design, and digital arts, Wai offers a seamless user experience through her intuitive UX/UI methods. Whether you need a website, logo, business card, or marketing collateral, Wai is here to assist you with strategies that meet your marketing design needs. To learn more about Wai and her offerings, visit Wai’s bio, or feel free to contact her directly to get started.

Wai Akdogu,

Wai Akdogu,

Owner + Creative

Previous Client Projects

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